Owen/ The Rutabega Split (CDEP)

Owen/ The Rutabega Split (CDEP)

Features three songs from South Bend, Indiana's The Rutabega (aka Josh Hensley) and three songs from Owen (aka Mike Kinsella). Includes Mike performing a solo version of "Never Meant" from his American Football days.

1. Fluorescent Funeral (The Rutabega) (3:07)
2. Serotonin (The Rutabega) (3:39)
3. Buckets Full of Beautiful Things (The Rutabega) (3:40)
4. Never Meant (Owen) (4:16)
5. Poor Souls (Owen) (5:30)
6. May First Brings Lots of Laughs (Owen) (2:45)

Release Date
June 8, 2004