No Good For No One Now (CD/Tape)

No Good For No One Now (CD/Tape)

No Good For No One Now combines the intricate beauty of Owen's (aka Mike Kinsella) debut self-titled LP with heartfelt songwriting full of bite, honesty, wry, and raw emotion.

To record No Good For No One Now, Mike moved back to his Mom's house and converted his old bedroom into a recording studio.

During this time, Mike decided to make the cover image a print that hung in his Mom's house during his childhood. As it turns out, the painting is by a German artist named Charlot Byi, whose figurines and artwork from the 1940s and 1950s are highly collectable today.

1. Nobody's Nothing (5:20)
2. Everyone Feels Like You (7:01)
3. Poor Souls (5:30)
4. The Ghost of What Should've Been (5:08)
5. Good Deeds (3:25)
6. I'm Not Going Anywhere Tonight (3:50)
7. Take Care of Yourself (10:10)

Release Date
November 19, 2002